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A startup junkie through and through, Cassie has been immersed in the New York tech scene for almost a decade and is presently VP Client Analytics & Optimization at Sailthru, where she works with top brands in commerce and publishing to improve the relevance of their marketing and increase their customer lifetime values. Before joining Sailthru, Cassie spent a year at Gerson Lehrman Group working on new business line development by way of the minimum viable product/growth hacking approach. Prior to GLG, she was vice president of marketing for (acquired by Groupon in 2012) and she previously held a variety of marketing roles at, primarily within the company’s consumer subscription business. Cassie began her career as an analyst on the TMT coverage team at Citigroup Investment Bank, but quickly realized the error of her ways! She fondly recalls her banking colleagues insinuating that she'd legitimately lost her mind when she walked out of the bank in a boom year to pursue the startup dream, and is incredibly excited about the growth that the NYC tech scene has enjoyed in the years since. Cassie holds a bachelors degree from Duke University and an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth. In her free time, she is a Master Teacher with Skillshare and loves talking shop, dive bars and all things Duke. For more information, please visit her LinkedIn page at

Now blogging at Sailthru…

I have finally put pen to paper around some more technical marketing topics, but I am doing so over at Sailthru’s company blog. I’ll continue to occasionally post personal reflections here, but please also follow my activity over at Sailthru. … Continue reading

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My move to Sailthru – “I’m not Oprah”

I’d like to tell you all that I have a “shock and awe” announcement today, but it turns out this announcement is relatively anti-climactic to those who know me well professionally.  I’ve left Gerson Lehrman Group and tomorrow I’ll be … Continue reading

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Show Me Your E-Face

I’m baa-aack!  I apologize to my (few) loyal readers for the radio silence, but life has been a bit insane.  Moreover, I’ve been strategizing a more focused theme for this blog, and I’ve decided to take it in a more … Continue reading

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My challenge to Sheryl Sandberg: if you’re offered a window seat on a puddle jumper, just get on.

Let me preface this post by saying that I am a massive Sheryl Sandberg fan; in addition to being downright brilliant, she has brought to light a refreshing and inspiring perspective around the state of women in business as well … Continue reading

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Debunking the “Worthless MBA” Myth

I’m getting REALLY sick of the assertions that MBAs are worthless to start-up organizations. While I’ve seen a few folks lend nice support to the MBA skill set and perspective, that school of thought is certainly the exception and not … Continue reading

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Here goes nothing…

I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for months (if not years), and I’m pleased to announce that I finally feel inspired enough to get this party started.  You’re welcome. I’d like to thank my team from my time … Continue reading

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